Zarrel is a fashion subscription service that sends you ready-to-wear clothing in a box. As a subscriber, you get to enjoy an ‘Infinite Closet’ whereby clothing items of your choice are sent to you with no shipping charges, so you can try them on before deciding whether or not to buy. We strive to enhance your shopping experience by giving you access to a continuously expanding range of brands and fashion collections without breaking the bank!

Browse through our collections and select up to 9 pieces to start off with. We send you 3 items from your Closet via express delivery, which you can wear and enjoy until you are ready for your next parcel. You may make changes to the remaining selections in your closet at any point in time. The apparels come “ready to wear”; pressed and cleaned. Whenever you feel you are done with your current box and ready for something new, just roll the apparels into the courier flyer bag provided with your Zarrel Box (you do not need to return the box), and we'll pick it up from you (for Aramex return option). We will then deliver your next 3 pieces! You can continually refill your closet with more clothes and repeat this process as many times as you wish throughout your subscription, at no extra cost!

Think about all the times you looked into your wardrobe and thought to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”. This of course leads you to shop for even more clothes that you never actually wear, thus turning your wardrobe into a graveyard of bad decisions! Through Zarrel you are able to keep your wardrobe fresh by adding new clothes to your personal collection all the time, and keeping up with the latest trends – minus the financial stress! The beauty of it all is that there are no commitments to buy an item unless you really want it! No more overthinking, no more bad decisions!

As a Zarrel subscriber, you will receive a box with three (3) apparels - as many times as you want throughout the month. The apparels delivered will be selected from your closet. This virtual closet is exclusive to Zarrel subscribers, to which you can continuously add or remove clothes, according to your preference. We are constantly updating our collections, so the possibilities are endless! Each time you return your items, we’ll send you another box. You will hold 3 items at any given time.

Whether it's for yourself or a girlfriend/spouse, just head on to our Home Page and click on ‘Subscribe Today’! If your delivery postcode is within our serviceable region, you will be able to successfully complete the registration process and make payment.

As many as you like! However, you can hold only one (1) parcel, i.e. 3 clothing items, at any given time. When you are ready to receive a new parcel, just return your current one, and we will ship your next box of apparels.

We currently offer sizes XS through L. Sizes may vary depending on individual brands, designers and retailers. We make sure to provide accurate measurements on each size for every design.

We do not carry shoes, socks, undergarments, swimsuits or tailored suits.

As long as you like, provided your subscription is active. We will only charge you once a month and you will never have to pay for shipping fees. We understand that you might want to keep certain items for a longer period of time to wear on different occasions, or to mix and match with your existing wardrobe. Take all the time you need, and when you are ready to receive another box, return your current parcel and your next one will be on its way!

Yes. Our service is centered around you having the ability to keep your parcel as long as you desire, and receive a new one whenever you want. While in your possession, you are free to wear the outfits as many times as you like and to mix and match them with your own pieces. If you desire to purchase an item in your box, just note it on your Control Card or make the purchase on your Closet. Just leave the purchased apparel(s) out from the return courier flyer bag. The purchase price is as listed on the Control Card, or as shown in your Closet. To get your next parcel you will need to return all items you do not wish to purchase. If you have decided to keep your parcel because you are purchasing all of the items, just send us an email at to notify us!

We carry collections from a wide range of fashion labels, therefore you may find that sizing may be inconsistent due to variations in their sizing charts. However, we try our best to ensure that you select the right size by including precise measurements on all sizes for every design.

Yes! Each parcel comes with a Control Card with member discounts specially for you. To purchase an item, simply leave it out of your return pack and tick it on the Control Card. You can also confirm the purchase on your own by purchasing the piece(s) directly from your Closet. Return the items you are not purchasing, and we will send you a new box with 3 new apparels from your closet!

You may contact us at or on the phone at +603-6151 5568. Do contact us should you have any queries, and we would be more than happy to answer them!

We totally understand that slight wear and tear is inevitable, however if an item is damaged beyond repair, or lost, we will have to charge you the retail value – plus taxes, if any- of the damaged/lost item.

We work with Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal to process payments. We accept VISA or Mastercard for all transactions. Transactions are all processed securely within the system, and all payment details are stored and managed by Braintree.

We accept payments by Visa and MasterCard. At the moment, only credit cards are accepted.

You are billed for you(r) subscription, on a monthly basis. When you first sign up as a member, your *credit* card is charged for the first monthly subscription. Subsequently, your card will be charged for the following month and every month thereafter on the same date, until you choose to unsubscribe. If you decide to purchase an item from your box, you will be charged separately according to the discounted price indicated on the Control Card attached to each parcel you receive.

For cancellation, we suggest it to be made at least three (3) business days prior to your subscription renewal date. To cancel, log in and navigate to your ‘Subscription Info’ page within your Closet. If you have a parcel in hand, you will need to return your parcel before you can cancel your subscription. Once you have done so, all you have to do is click 'Cancel Subscription'. Please note that cancellation of your subscription will only be effective once the parcel in hand has been returned. If we fail to receive your parcel, we may continue to bill you monthly for the subscription fee or charge you the full retail value of the parcel.

The cancellation of your subscription will not take effect until we have received your parcel with all the returned items. You will need to have commenced the process of returning your parcel via your Closet at least three (3) business days prior to your next renewal date to avoid being charged for the next month. Failure to do so provides us the right to continue charging your credit card with the monthly subscription fee until your parcel is returned to us. We will effectively cancel your subscription once we receive your parcel.

Upon subscription to Zarrel, you hereby authorize us to charge the monthly subscription fee to your credit card on a RECURRING basis whereby your credit card is automatically charged the subscription fee every month from the commencement of your subscription, until it is cancelled.

Once you have selected at least seven (7) items and added them into your Closet, your parcel will be shipped out within the same (business) day. Once you have worn your pieces and are ready to exchange your parcel for a new one, simply return it by informing us using your Closet. Pack your returns with the provided courier flyer bag and Return Label. Our courier partner will head up to your address to retrieve your return pack. Meantime we immediately process and ship your next parcel. Alternatively, you may choose to pick up or drop off your parcel at locations made available by PostCo.

To return, roll the apparels you do not wish to purchase into the courier flyer bag provided with your box. Remember to insert the Return Label in the outer pocket of the return bag. Next, inform us via your Closet on the Zarrel website by clicking on 'Return my Parcel'. A pick-up will be scheduled for you with our delivery partners. Alternatively, you can choose to drop it off at your convenience at any location made available via PostCo.

There are absolutely no shipping or handling fees charged to you at any point in time.

We are able to reach all addresses with postcodes that fall within 40000, 50000 and 60000. The whole of Klang Valley, Selangor.

We work with Aramex for door-to-door deliveries. All orders placed by 11.00 AM (daily) will be shipped out from Zarrel on the same day. After which Aramex will deliver on the next business day. Therefore, your parcel will arrive within 1-2 business days. Similarly, subsequent parcels will take between 1-2 business days.

Yes. Once your parcel has been shipped out, you will receive an email with a tracking number which allows you to follow your parcel as it makes its way to you. You may visit and use your tracking number to trace your parcel throughout its journey.

In the unfortunate event that you fail to receive your parcel, please drop us an email at and we will investigate the problem and ensure that it gets delivered to you the quickest possible.

Parcels are shipped to the address provided to us. Do ensure your shipping and return address(es) are up-to-date. To do this, log into your account and go to “Manage Shipping Addresses” within your Closet.

We are very particular about the hygiene and quality standards that we promise you, and ensure that all our clothing items are properly cleaned, carefully disinfected, and inspected for defects before we ship them out to you.

All garments are pressed before they get shipped out. However, due to transit and handling, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive entirely wrinkle-free. If the item arrives creased, you may iron or steam on low heat.

No. All you have to do is return the clothes, we will take care of the rest!

Browse through our collections and select your favourite pieces to add to your Zarrel closet. Our express delivery will send you a box containing 3 pieces from the items you added to your closet. Your apparels arrive “ready to wear”; pressed and cleaned. When you are done with your box, all you have to do is to return the clothing items in the courier flyer bag provided to you in each Zarrel delivery box. We’ll have it picked up from you right at your doorstep. You may repeat this as many times as you like as we do not limit the number of exchanges! You will have 3 items (one box) at hand at any given time.

All items are professionally cleaned. We take great care of our clothes and inspect each piece before sending it out to ensure that all the items in your box are in perfect condition and ready to wear when you receive them.

We take great care to maintain all our apparel in perfect condition, however, in the unfortunate event that an item is damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen, we will have to charge you based on the retail value of the apparel.

Login to your subscription account and click on ‘Return my Parcel’ from your Closet. Roll all the items that you choose to return to us, and put them into the courier flyer bag provided. Seal it, and insert the ‘Return Label’ in the outer pocket. If you select Aramex as your return option, pick-up will arrive at your delivery address to collect the courier flyer bag from you. Alternatively, PostCo allows you to drop the parcel off at your selected location. We will ship out your next parcel while you are returning your current one.

Zarrel charges you a monthly subscription fee. Your subscription automatically renews monthly at a flat rate (RM168) via your chosen payment method on file.

You can cancel anytime provided you have no parcel in hand. We suggest for you to cancel three (3) business days before your next billing cycle. Please note we can only confirm your cancellation once we have received your last box. More information on our cancellation policy can be found in our FAQ 'Billing' section.

Yes! Just keep the piece you want to purchase and return the rest to us for your next parcel. Your payment method on file will be billed separately for any purchases, on top of your subscription fee. Alternatively, you may use your Closet to purchase apparel(s) from your current box. If you choose to purchase all the items in your box, just select 'Buy All' on your Closet or drop us an email at so we know you’re ready for your next parcel.

No. Shipping both ways, as many times as it requires, is on us.