You can have anything you want so long as you dress for it.

Who Are We

Zarrel is a fashion company powered with a transformative business model. We challenge the conventional methods of the fashion world and rewrite new rules. We work to bring ladies access to remarkable ready-to-wear fashion experiences. Revolutionizing retail in the process.

Experience is Key.

What We Believe

Not disrupting. Just creating a new market.

Life's necessities evolved over the centuries. Rethinking on the conventionals and championing a new model. Reinventing retail to be smarter and more in line with our current lifestyles. Our existence is because we want to bring the best of Brick & Mortar retail and e-Commerce to the customers.

The 21st century retail

Our Model

We are a fashion-technology-engineering-last-mile-laundry-operations-logistics-analytics company

1) Collaborations

We are constantly signing new brands & retailers to the ever expanding selections. All just to give you access to remarkable ready-to-wear fashion experiences. We do our best in ensuring we have the most beautiful, in-demand items.

2) Engineering

Our algorithm and technology masks the complexity from you, allowing you to experience the 21st century ready-to-wear fashion business model which adds value to the conventional retailers.

3) Fulfilling

We placed multiple modes of delivery and return from door-to-door to drop-off and pick-up options. All just to provide you the greatest flexibility in using our service.

4) Returning

Every apparel returned is thoroughly inspected by experts, handwashed or dry cleaned to industry standards. All apparels are properly steam-pressed to meet your constantly growing standards.

5) Learning

With every click, delivery, return and steps along the way, we gather data for optimization. Through power analysis, we continually tweak our back-end model to make everything we do faster, smarter, easier and nimbler.