You can have anything you want so long as you dress for it.

Who Are We

Zarrel is a fashion tech company that believes in challenging the status quo with a vision of using technology to transform fashion retail. Our goal is to revolutionise fashion e-commerce by providing value for money solutions to consumers, to improve and ultimately change the online shopping experience forever.

Experience is Key.

What We Believe

We don’t disrupt. We Create.

In today’s fast paced retail landscape, consumer wants and needs are constantly changing. Our vision is to satisfy the need for value for money fashion solutions, providing customers with more choices for less, essentially creating a richer and much more efficient retail experience.

21st century retail

Our Model

It’s more than just fashion.


1. Collaborations

As our portfolio of brands & retailers expands, so does your closet! We are always working to bring you not just more selections, but the hottest, most in-demand pieces of the season.


2. Engineering

Our algorithm and technology masks the complexity from you, giving you a seamless, user friendly interface, which allows you to experience a new and convenient way to access fashion.


3. Logistics

We want to give you flexibility with our services and provide multiple modes of delivery and return. You may choose between door-to-door, or drop-off and pick-up options according to your preference.


4. Laundry

Every apparel returned is thoroughly inspected for defects, hand washed or dry cleaned to industry standards. All our apparels are steam-pressed so they arrive crisp and ready to be worn.


5. Analytics

With every click, delivery, and return, we optimize to power through our processes to enhance your experience with us.